Partnership with the Association "International Alliance of Professional Business Elites" (IAPBE)

People tend to make the desires of others similar to their own, but that is self-deception. We just need to take and direct different desires for one purpose, then we will find the fact we are different is a trump card for achieving one common goal.


The title "International Alliance of Professional Business Elites" refers to the consolidation of the work of serious organizations in developing of professional skills and knowledge base for continuous professional improvement.

Partners of the Association are professional organizations, institutions, associations, commercial structures whose interests and target audience agree the interests and goals of IAPBE.

They are to define, create, promote and improve professional standards of knowledge, skills and competence on a global scale.

The British Association "International Alliance of Professional Business Elites" (IAPBE) assigns a part to knowledge gateways, awareness and improvement of professionals in various fields of activity.

Intensive informatization of society undoubtedly opens new opportunities for business stipulating the need for rational organization of information support.

Requirements for information partners in obtaining the

“Certificate of conformance to standard of International Ethics in the Professional Information and Public Policy":


1. To have the basic properties of information responsible for its quality:

-         relevance –bear upon the matter;

-         utility (or efficiency) - the superiority of the result of using information over the costs of obtaining it;

-         completeness of information is a property that is responsible for the integrity of information. There are no omissions in complete information;

-         clarity - clarity of information that does not require decoding;

-         regularity - the flow of information with a certain frequency;

-         value of information;

-         timeliness is a property where information arrives at the most favorable time for making the optimal decision, identifying and fixing the problem;

-         reliability - the objectivity of information and absence of distortions.

2. To provide statistics on the following traffic indicators :

-                    site Attendance;

-                    loyalty;

-                    bounce rate;

-                    time spent by the visitor on the site.


Accredited centers



✅Yantsen Company (Kazakhstan)

✅Academy of International Certification (Kazakhstan)

✅BM Consulting (Kazakhstan)

✅School of Accounting Business (Kazakhstan)



✅Association Guild Auditors of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan)



✅Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova (Moldova)



✅BDO Academy Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan)



✅University "ATOM"



✅Young Accountants Public Union (Azerbaijan)

✅Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan



✅The Institute Of Qualified Personnel (Uzbekistan)

✅HOY "SoliqMaslahatchilarni va soliq to'lovchilarni o'qitish markazi" (NOU at the Chamber of Tax Consultants of Uzbekistan)

✅АUDIT FORVARD (LEU at the Chamber of Auditors of Uzbekistan)

✅ILMFANRIVOJ (LEU under the National Association of Accountants and Auditors of Uzbekistan)




✅Training center "Fergana Audit Progress" (Uzbekistan)

✅ Premier Tax Accounting (Uzbekistan) 


During the accreditation process:

✅Latvia, Estonia:

School of Business "MOST"


Training center "Halkara audit"

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