Benefits of membership in IAPBE

Benefits and conditions of membership in IAPBE

To become a member of IAPBE means to define a clear development goal for yourself, to choose the way to achieve it and to enlist the support of like-minded professionals!

IAPBE Membership is voluntary. If you need constant professional development, want to meet modern trends in the field of practical accounting, finance, audit and management, you wish always to be a specialist of the future and make your personal contribution to the knowledge base of advanced professions, you can become a member of the Association!

IAPBE Membership gives privileges for professional growth for legal entities and individuals, including trainers (tutors) of continuing education programs, and allows getting bonuses when passing training programs, consultations, etc.

A member of IAPBE may be a specialist or an organization that registered on, received a diploma (certificate) from IAPBE and made a contribution*.

A contribution to IAPBE is not just an annual waste of money, but investments in oneself. After receiving the first diploma, the participant needs to acquire trainings organized by IAPBE providers (representatives) each year starting from the next calendar year. The equivalent value should be at least 35 pounds.

Being a part of the Association, you get the support of the professional community and have an effective opportunity to identify and promote yourself as a specialist (organization) of international level.

Benefits and membership conditions for professionals (individuals):

to get online training of one of the international programs at a 50% discount of the nominal value each two years;

to be personally included in the IAPBE Register, which is on the official website and contains information of the owners of leading international qualifications (not only IAPBE) whose names are recognized by external evaluators as a professional business elite;

to send information about yourself about the availability of international qualifications from a personal account to external users (employers, for example) at any time. Such information is sent on the IAPBE letterhead with a stamp and a signature. The title is "The map of individual professional development";

to indicate the status of an IAPBE member in own signature. Such opportunity is available for specialists who have received at least three qualifications, confirmed by the diplomas of the Association;

to pay an annual fee to IAPBE in connection with the acquisition of participation in events of IAPBE providers (representatives), the cost of which should be at least 35 pounds;

to participate in events provided by IAPBE;

Benefits and membership conditions for trainers (tutors):

to receive all the same benefits that are specified for individuals;

to receive a terminable diploma of an IAPBE tutor. The trainer needs to conduct:

- an annual 2 astronomical hours event (workshop or master class) on a non-commercial basis;

- trainings of IAPBE programs on a commercial basis, where the trainer passed the exam.

Benefits for organizations (legal entities) who would like to become an official regional provider of programs of the International Alliance of Professional Business Elites (accredited center):

Request must be sent for detailed conditions of cooperation and accreditation.

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