About Us

Three main components define the professional level of any specialist in the whole world:

1. the quality of education;

2. skills and practical experience;

3. the desire of constant development in the chosen profession.

The history associated with the activities of the International Association of Professional Business Elites (IAPBE) dates back to the period of the emergence of the first modern online technologies in training and professional development. Innovative technological solutions and e-Learning boost for realizing of talents and professional skills of the trained professionals without reference to their geographical characteristics, religion, physical abilities and other factors.

The mission of IAPBE: To help each specialist to maximize his potential at the international professional level!

Vision statement: To become a global organization that can meet the needs of our customers around the world.

IAPBE values:

   professionalism

   decency

   partnership

   responsibility

   support

   inimitability

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