Programs and Certifications

Programs and qualifications of IAPBE. One of the most exciting spectacles in the world is to look at work of a professional, and it does not matter what he does: he writes a picture, cuts meat, keeps records or cleans shoes - it does not matter. When a person does the work for which he was born, h...

Professional elite

The surest basis of skill is not to recognize your own perfection! Honorary register of the specialists-owners of the leading international qualifications, whose names are recognized by external evaluation as professional elite of business. They make an undeniable contribution to the development of strategically important professions for any state, promote economic progress and are a vivid example of aspiration and skill in the business environment. In order to find the representative of the British Association "International Alliance of Professional Business Elite" please enter the name and number of the diploma issued. Verification is in English only. Register of specialists who are currently being trained in international professional development programs of IAPBE. For verification please put the name and country of a student. Verification is in English only.



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